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Before sending us a message, consult the FAQs below:

Before the event
How does the event work?

The EduCanada fairs are the largest Canadian education fairs in the world. To participate, please register at Meet representatives from Canadian schools, colleges and universities at these events and learn about opportunities to study in Canada!

Is the event free?

Yes. Register on our website, print out the confirmation, and present it at the reception desk on the day of the event.

Can I bring someone with me? Do they have to register as well?

Yes. But to speed up admission to the event, we recommend that all visitors register on our website. If they do not register in advance, registration will be conducted at the reception desk. Some form of ID will be required.

I’m a professor and I’d like all my students to attend the event. Do I have to register all of my students or is one registration enough?

Each student should register individually online. If this is not possible, we can do a quick check-in at the reception. Each student should have some form of valid ID.

Do I have to print the invitation or can I show confirmation of my registration through my cellphone or tablet?

You can take the printed invitation to the event or show your cellphone or tablet.

I registered for the event but my status appears as pending. Can I still attend the event?

Yes, but in order to verify your registration please give our reception the email address with which you registered.

My parents will be attending the event. Do they have to register too?

Parents accompanying their children will also need to register at our website.

I’m a parent and would like to take my children to the event. Should I register them?

Children who are under the legal age that are accompanied by an adult do not need to register on our website.

I lost the email with my confirmation. Can I get another one?

Yes. Please provide the reception desk with the email address that you registered with originally.

I registered for the wrong city. Can I change it?

Yes. You can re-register and choose the correct city. The previous registration will be voided.

I called the hotel and they told me that they don’t know anything about the event. Can you confirm?

The event is confirmed. For more information about locations, dates and times please go to

I can’t attend when the fair begins. Can I still attend later?

You can choose to arrive whenever is most convenient for you. We recommend not arriving too late to give you enough time to see all the institutions.

How do I change my password?

If you wish to change your password please access your profile at and then choose the following tabs, My Preferences > Account Configuration > Password > Edit

During the event
I would like to know if there is any information on specific careers or programs of study.

Yes. You can consult the list of institutions that will be present at the fair, access their profiles and inform yourself about the specific opportunities they offer. Go here:

Can I attend without registering on the website?

No. You must register online to the event.

Are conferences in English?

Some are offered in English and others in the local language. To find out more about the languages of each conference please consult:

I don’t speak English. Will there be translators available to help me communicate with institutions?

Most exhibitors speak or are familiar with the local language, or have translators to help facilitate communication.

Are there scholarship opportunities?

All information about scholarships can be obtained at the event directly from the representatives of each institution.

Does the event have parking?

Information about where to park can be obtained directly from the hotel/convention centre.

Is there any transportation offered to the event?

Organizers do not offer any transportation for the event.

After the event
How can I keep in touch with an institution after the event?

If the barcode on your badge or on your APP was scanned during your visit to a booth, that institution will be part of your network of contacts within your account. You can access all exhibitors information with whom you met during the event in your account.

Is the material offered during the fair available online?

To find out more about study abroad programs, please contact the institutions present at the event. You can do this by creating your profile in You can also find out more about our other events which may be of interest to you. Please consult:

After the event do you offer an attendance certificate?

Yes. All you have to do is to provide us with your full name, email, date and place of the event in which you participated in.